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Power Type characters specialize in close-combat and deal extremely high damage. When playing a power type character you will either play a Schoolgirl (Bunny) or a Fighter (Buffalo) which are female and male characters, respectively. At first Schoolgirl and Fighter skills are identical and consists of a handful of stat-enhancing skills as well as stat-reducing skills that you can cast on your opponents. When obtaining 2nd job advancement, Power Type characters will have two very different styles of combat. Although both will still specialize in close combat and will deal extremely high damage, the Bunny will be focused on single enemy combat, whilst the Buffalo will have plenty of elemental AoE skills that are great when fighting multiple enemies at once.

Job Tree

Power Job Tree.png

Power Stats

Magic Stats
Stats Description Formula Increased by Decreased by
MP Maximum Magic Points Your Magic Points. When you cast any skill, whether it be Magic or not, you will use these. Lv. * 30 + 50 Bottle of Mana (passively) Regeneration is increased by Aura of Mana (party) Casting spells and buffs
MA Magic Attack Determines damage for Magic spells, the higher it is, the more damage you will do. (With Magical attacks) (Lv. - 1) / 4 + 50 Mist of Mana Magic Meltdown
MD Magic Defense Your Magic Defense, the higher it is, the less damage you will take from magic spells. Lv. * 4 - 14 (minimum 0) Mana Shield, Light Shield Magic Defense Breaker


1st Job - Schoolgirl 2nd Job - Boxer 3rd Job - Champion 3rd Job - Duelist
Schoolgirl.png Boxer.png Champion.png Duelist.png


A Bunny represents the female role in the Power Class. They primarily use a sword to deal damage but may also use a staff (refer to Champion skill: Fire Fist). The Bunny excels at single enemy combat and has plenty of skills that allow it to move around quickly. Its high damage makes a bunny for a great boss-hunting character, while its dashing skills allows it to have a big presence on the PvP fields.


Currently a lively female high-school student who is a member of the boxing club, cute and a little boyish. She always wears her boxing gloves accompanied with her school uniform, featuring large rabbit ears and a bushy rabbit tuft.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

With excellent reaction time, she is a natural all-encompassing sports girl. There are very few sports that she has never challenged. She has participated in numerous national athletic competitions on behalf of her school and has never tasted defeat. Lina started to lose interest in competing on a national level due to the lack of a challenge, this is when the boxing department invited her to join a the boxing club. The rhythm and speed of boxing is what immediately attracted her to the sport. Later that year Lina won first place in the women's boxing competition. She one day found a magazine indicating that the world's most legendary giant mammoth skin boxing gloves would be auctioned. She desperately wanted to get the gloves and so she decided to go to the treasures of Caballa Island.


1st Job - Fighter 2nd Job - Warrior 3rd Job - Gladiator 3rd Job - Mercenary
Fighter.png Warrior.png Gladiator.png Mercenary.png


A Buffalo represents the male role in the Power Class. They use a sword to deal damage and elemental attribute gives a great boost to its melee as well as its skill damage. The Buffalo has a variety of multi-target attacks as well as an array of single-target skills. Its high damage single-target attacks makes the buffalo a great boss hunting character, while its multi-target attacks make him a well balanced PvE character as well.


Great at fighting with a healthy combination of strength and speed. Bika has a great heart but his big ego may sometimes get in the way. He tied his beloved headscarf to his head and always has his hands bandaged.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

As a professional fighter, Bika's competition bonus is his main source of income. He recently won the largest boxing championship of South America and as a result was awarded a huge bonus. However, this victory was manipulated by the Gambler. Although the victory is won, he was ashamed of his unjustified victory. He became furious at Gambler's despicable behavior. In order to prove his innocence to the boxing association he decided to return his winner's bonus. In order to pay for the medical expenses of his injured opponent he decided to pack his bags and set off for Caballa Island.