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** [https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/topic/432-4g-equips/ Maple's 4G Visual Guide]
** [https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/topic/432-4g-equips/ Maple's 4G Visual Guide]
* [https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/forum/25-guides/ Other General Guides]
* [https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/forum/25-guides/ Other General Guides]
* [[Party Quest]]

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LifeTO is a free Trickster Online private server that focuses on the game's original, classic play style. No overpowered cash items, no pay-to-win VIP features, no released ugly custom items. We're keeping it close to official to give you the best experience in Caballa Island.

Getting Started Character Archetypes
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Coral Beach Desert Beach Megalopolis Caballa Relics Pyramid Dungeon Poppuri Dungeon Relics Dungeon Crystal Copper Jade Steel
Oops Wharf Mermaid Palace Mirage Island Ghost Blue Phantom School Phantom Dungeon Mermaid Dungeon Silver Jewel Precious Jewel
Rose Garden Black Swamp Underground Dev Room Snow Hill Mirage Island Dungeon Nora Sewer Vamp Castle Silent Lava
Techichi Volcano Tapasco Volcano Abyss Tower Of Chaos Swamp Dungeon Blue Ice Dungeon Black Ash Dungeon
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