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Magic Type Characters are gifted with the ability to create powerful, magical spells. The two Magic Type characters are Sheep and Dragon, who use Mana Power (MP) to cast their array of magic skills. Although both Magic Types, Sheep and Dragon skills have their differences; the Sheep specializes in utilizing elemental-combination skills, while the Dragon excels in the choice of Light or Dark Magic. Magic Types also hold a fair amount of Support skills and Healing Casts, allowing them to be both an Offensive and Support Class.

Job Tree

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Magic Stats

Magic Stats
Stats Description Formula Increased by Decreased by
MP Maximum Magic Points Your Magic Points. When you cast any skill, whether it be Magic or not, you will use these. Lv. * 30 + 50 Bottle of Mana (passively) Regeneration is increased by Aura of Mana (party) Casting spells and buffs
MA Magic Attack Determines damage for Magic spells, the higher it is, the more damage you will do. (With Magical attacks) (Lv. - 1) / 4 + 50 Mist of Mana Magic Meltdown
MD Magic Defense Your Magic Defense, the higher it is, the less damage you will take from magic spells. Lv. * 4 - 14 (minimum 0) Mana Shield, Light Shield Magic Defense Breaker


1st Job - Librarian 2nd Job - Bard 3rd Job - Soul Master 3rd Job - Witch
Librarian.png Bard.png Soul master.png Witch.png


The Sheep is the female counterpart of the Magic Type. The Sheep uses Cane type weapons for Magic Ability (MA) to strengthen its attacks. The Sheep specializes in powerful area of effect attack skills.


Soft and soft-spoken, this gentle soul is not to be underestimated. As a librarian she has gained a deep knowledge of the world around her as well as the mechanisms that control it.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

As a librarian, she has deep knowledge on just about everything in the world. One day, she finds a book that isn't part of the library collection. She realizes that the book is about ancient wizardry and learns the tricks of witchcraft. Shortly after, she learns of the news regarding Trickster and Caballa Island and sees it as an opportunity to raise money to build her own library, her life-long dream.


1st Job - Shaman 2nd Job - Magician 3rd Job - Priest 3rd Job - Dark Lord 3rd Job - Wizard
Shaman.png Magician.png Priest.png Dark Lord.png Wizard.png


The Dragon is the male counterpart of the Magic Type. The Dragon primarily utilizes Cane type weapons for Magic Ability (MA) to strengthen its attacks. The Dragon will be given the choice to specialize in one-to-one attack skills if they choose to master Dark magic, or area of effect attack skills if they choose to master Light magic.


Although physically weaker than many other Tricksters, he can command and control powers seemingly beyond imagination which makes him equally formidable on his own as well as in a party.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

A descendant of both Roma and Asian, he was adopted by his rich parents when he was young. He studied medicine because of his parents wishes, but soon becomes fascinated with astrology and alchemy. One day, he receives a sign that predicts his return to his gypsy roots and it comes true. After a while, he becomes their leader but is faced with lack of food and other resources. While searching for answers, he gets another sign that shows Caballa Island and he heads off to find wealth for his people.