AFK Drilling Pet

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Obtaining the AFK Drilling Pet (Driller Boy/Girl)

Question: What's an AFK drilling pet? 

Answer: When the pet is equipped, it lets you drill and pick up the excavated item automatically. 

Question: What's the difference of a Driller Boy from a Driller Girl?

Answer: They differ in stats and level requirement. Driller Girl has higher stats and level requirement compared to Driller Boy.

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Getting Started

1. Go to the center of Megalopolis and look for Miranda Watty.


2. Miranda Watty will offer multiple options on how you can get either Driller Boy or Girl.


3. Please see the quest table below. You'll only have to choose one and start collecting the items needed.


4. Once you've collected all the item requirements, return to Miranda Watty and have them exchanged.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can it be recharged once expired?

Answer: No, you'll have to redo the quest to get another pet.

Question: What happens if I am already out of weight?

Answer: Your character will leave all the items on the ground.

Question: What happens if all my drill's life has been used?

Answer: Your character will stop drilling.

Question: Where do I get the items needed?

Answer: You can check the wiki or ask the community through Discord.