4G Equipments

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How to get 4G Equipments in LifeTO?


Go to Megapolis Shop and you will see Eclipse in the stairs above.


Each 4G requires different types of Shards (4g1 = Gorgon, 4g2 = Charybdis, 4g3 = Scylla, 4g4 = Hecate and 4g5 = Chronos) which are dropped from Harkon Defense

and a 60x 1 million galder check which can be bought from Andrew in Megapolis Bank.



Once you have the 4G Card, just exchange it to Rosemary in the center of Megapolis Square

. Screenshot0032.jpg

Then enjoy your glowing equipments~ Of course, some 4G doesn't glow like the other ones, so be sure to visit

Maple's Guide

if you want to view what that 4G Equipment looks like.