2nd Job Advancement

From LifeTO

Getting Started

Minimum Requirements:

Level 60

Level 50 TM

3 x 100k Galder Check

1 xRequirement growth badge.png

And any ONE of the following below (dependent on the character type):

1 xBrave bunny badge requirement.png

1 xBrave buffalo badge requirement.png

1 xPure sheep Badge requirement.png

1 xWise Dragon Badge Requirement.png

1 xSmart Fox badge Requirement.png

1 xClever Lion Badge Requirement.png

1 xPretty Cat badge requirement.png

1 xCool Raccoon Badge requirement.png

Obtaining the checks

Normally, you would need to farm up 300,000galders (plus 5% fee) and talk to NPC Andrew to exchange for the check.

As LifeTO is a free Trickster Online private server, there are slight variations from the original server. This is one of the variations, where LifeTO provides you with the 3 x 100k Galder Checks once you reach Level 60.

Thus, it is highly recommended you reach this level before attempting to advance to 2nd Job.

Obtaining the badges

To obtain the badges, you will need to kill Kaboom (Lvl 60) located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4.


Kaboom has just under 21,000HP,is resistant to Light & Magic & is Gun Weak. It also will explode (around the Red Bar health), but you can avoid the damage by kiting away. If you are lower leveled, you may need a friend or two to help take it down.

Note: Kaboom will always drop the Growth Badge, but the character badge drops are random. Be prepared to have to kill it 3-4 times for the required badge you need, to obtain your 2nd Job.